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What are we, what is WATUPiX ?

WATUPiX is the result of a long collaboration between several people from the world of Audiovisual and new technologies. A company on a human scale, whose profit is not the keyword, with the only desire to provide a useful tool, simple, fast and allowing the creators of videos to add a real plus to their projects by adding drone captures. WATUPiX is useful for everyone, for droner artists as well as for end customers (production companies, directors, editors, ...).


  • WATUPiX it is shots made by certified professionals, only by drone, in compliance with the regulations in force. The level of delivery of these videos is demanding and meets the criteria of the television world but also the internet, both in terms of quality and the format of the products on offer, so all the videos posted online are checked upstream. By mainly offering videos in the form of sequence packs, editors, directors and producers choose the themes they want to quickly and directly download all the plans they want to use to accompany or illustrate their projects.
  • WATUPiX offers all the actors of the realization, whatever the support used, a unique and competitive price whatever the duration or the resolution of the videos (FHD, UHD or 4K).
  • If you need to order a large number of packs or specific plans, we can on estimate develop a composition of packs dedicated to your request (requires the agreement of the contributors concerned).
  • You do not find what you need, your desire, your video? Contact us, we will try to find a quick shooting solution with all of our droneurs.
  • WATUPiX is a simple and effective solution for all audiovisual professionals and we don’t forget our contributors-droneurs by offering them a reward at the height of their creation.
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us : contact@watupix.com